About Us

The Acacia Collection, Acacia Gallery, Acacia Catalogue, Acacia Museum Lending Program, Acacia Curators’ Lecture and Seminar series are all an integrated part of the educational programs of the ACACIA HISTORICAL ARTS INTERNATIONAL.

Acacia Historical Arts International, Inc. sponsors two important and outstanding collections of African American material culture (i.e. The Acacia Collection and The Judith Wraggs Chase, Louise Alston Graves Old Slave Mart Museum and Library, Charleston, South Carolina) that collectively are more widely referred to as the “Greater Acacia Collection”.

The Acacia Collection and the Judith Wragg Chase and Louise Alston Graves Charleston Old Slave Mart Collection represent the unselfish, tireless, academic and endless pursuit to capture black history for future generations through artifacts, crafts, and rarities in our material culture. These two “unparalleled” collections represent “thousands upon thousands” of priceless items articulating the African American journey in North America. The Acacia Collection has been painstakingly researched, collected, preserved and maintained as a tangible testimony of a culture of “making do” and “overcoming.”

Please refer to the Historical Chronology for a detailed, comprehensive and full narrative of how the “Greater Acacia Collection” was envisioned, started, built, organized and now serves as the preeminent bedrock of African American material culture.

Acacia Historical Arts International, Inc., it’s board of directors, scholars, students, friends and associates are dedicated to continuing the search in an ever-diminished and disposable world to research, study, find, collect, present, expose and enlighten society through knowledge and understanding. We hope that you will want to find out more about African Americana, the Acacia Collection and will join the “Friends of Acacia” . . . membership is FREE. If you would like more information ABOUT US, please contact us via E-mail info@acaciacollection.com.