Featuring the Judith Wragg Chase and Louise Alston Graves Charleston Old Slave Mart Collection.

Welcome to the Acacia Collection; the home of the world’s most valuable collection of African Americana.

The Acacia Collection is unlike any museum experience anywhere in the world, because each artifact was made and used by African Americans. . . . . and so there is an important craft, lesson and artisan story behind every piece of material art.

Please visit the Acacia Galleries; scroll around, click through, explore the past to better understand our present and appreciate our future. Learn about ingenious and gifted African American contributions to our shared greatness through the rare artifacts and material culture of Black Americans.


Spend a moment with Carroll Greene in the Curators Corner or visit the Press Gallery or check out our detailed historical collection chronology Historical Journey for an indepth perspective of who, what, when and how the world’s oldest and largest African Americana collection was created, built and maintained. Click to The Bridge to find out how our future humanity is based on “understanding” the trials, struggles and lessons of the past.

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There is truly nothing as precious as shining the light of knowledge on the past to enrich the world of understanding for tomorrow.

The Acacia Collection is a special light of knowledge to link a culture of “makin’do” to the future of “yes, we can”.